Monday, May 9, 2011

El Grande Canyon

It was a very cold ride today in overcast weather (I thought Arizona was supposed to be hot!?!) that included a brief detour through another part of Route 66 and a pit stop at the Road Kill Cafe, which was decorated in the manner of a typical American home...

And then it was on to the Grand Canyon itself (which has an IMAX theatre showing the Grand Canyon in 3D. Ben & I theorize that it is a big room full of cinema seats with a huge window behind a curtain...).
The photos don't really do any justice to how amazing the Canyon looks...or how cold it was today!

En route to the canyon we did meet a French couple who asked to have their photo taken with us. They'll probably tell their friends at home that they met "le american bikers!"

Location:The Grand Canyon!

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  1. Remember to pronounce it ROUT (as in SHOUT) 66 and not as root or you will be in all kinds of ornery trouble. Make sure Harley Bear does his homework and is in bed by a decent hour. Where's his protective headgear? Justin's mom x