Sunday, May 8, 2011


To elaborate on the great Bike Swap Incident..A "bit too cumbersome" is a gross understatement. The belly width and passenger footrests made the road king almost improosible for me to even park, despite the seat height being a full inch lower than my night rod. The beast was too fat.

Being on an unfamiliar bike is a much bigger issue than I realised, and when combined with bizarro-world driving rules is a lot to take in. However the very soft clutch on the fatboy made LA freeway crawling tolerable. My hand would have fallen off riding my own bike, which has a very stiff clutch.

So thanks very much Justin for swapping bikes with me and Fran, I would be a swearing tense ball of hate today if I was still on that other monstrosity.

Riding into Palm springs as the sun went down was the highlight of day 2. Really amazing after the horror of leaving LA. I have not gained any additional affection for that concrete Hell.

Further additional: EVERYONE IS REALLY NICE!!!!

When we stopped for a break at a hotdog place, a kind of gangsta looking guy came up to us and asked me "where did you get that tattoo?" pointing to my pixel art.. I told him and he broke into a huge grin and pointed out his full Nintendo logo neck tattoo, plus Mario and Transformers tatts nestled in amongst his others. He suggested we go to Comicon.

Location:Palm Springs

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  1. I am encouraging Ben to get a neck tattoo that says "Bentendo" with Princess Peach on one side & Luigi on the other....